Day 1 Athlete reaction

Belarus made their World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship debut today Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

After losing to Hungary, Ekaterina Kirillova, from Belarus, said: “This is our first time paying in the World Mixed Doubles Championship. It was good fun but a hard game to start with – against the (reigning) world champions (Hungary). We’ve played in a few tournaments so far but we’re not too concerned about where we finish here – it’s all about gaining experience against some of the best teams in this particular discipline.”

After winning against Belarus, Hungary's Zsolt Kiss said: "In the beginning I had some trouble with finding the draw weight, but from the second half I was fine. The Belorussian team played pretty well, basically we had to force them to make mistakes."

After their win against Canada, Sweden’s Per Noreen said: “That was the best we could have got from that game. We played one of the best teams here in the first game so I think it’s a good merit for us to beat Canada.

“We have good experience (in Mixed Doubles). I was nervous in this first game though but after a few more games we will gradually get better. We have been here before and our experience, winning the silver medal last time we played, will help us.”

After defeating Latvia, Scotland's Bruce Mouat said: “We had a good fourth end break with our coach. In the first four ends we were setting up good ends and it was just one shot that was missed and they would reduce it to one and we made an unfortunate error in the fourth end to give them two (points). In the fifth end we just had to play the same and we did and we took the five points.”

After Hungary defeated Denmark, Hungary's Zsolt Kiss said: "We didn't play badly in the first three ends, but we just couldn't finish the ends properly with the last stones. The Danish team made some mistakes in the fourth end, but apart from that both teams played well."

After Norway won 8-6 against Spain, Norway's Magnus Nedregotten said: "We can improve from last year by finishing third, second or first. We just have to communicate better, have to keep cool and believe in ourselves."

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