Day 2 Athlete reaction

Russia's Viktoriia Moiseeva is keen to see Mixed Doubles included in future Olympics Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

After losing to Sweden, Brazil’s Marcelo Mello said: “I think it could have been better but the first time is always difficult. We were struggling with weight mainly in the first four ends. It’s very tough to play against an experienced team like Sweden. It was a good experience - we learned a lot already from the first game.

“This means a lot for Brazilian curling – this is our first match in a World Championship and we hope this is the first time of many. We need to start from the bottom, we are here and I think curling has a great future in Brazil.

“This year it’s really just about promoting curling in Brazil, get some experience and gain some knowledge so we can share it with the next Brazilian teams. We hope this will help increase exposure of curling in Brazil and help us get a facility in the country.”

Following their loss to Scotland, Kazakhastan’s Aleksandr Orlov reflected on the game. He said: “It was good but we didn’t have a good start really, we missed a couple of shots in the first few ends and they grabbed the lead 3-0. But we were close to getting back, we just missed a couple of chances at the end.”

Meanwhile Scotland’s Gina Aitken commented: “I think it went pretty well, we were in control and we have to keep and control and keep on going.”

Hungary defeated Italy and afterwards Zsolt Kiss said: "I like Mixed Doubles as it is a really new discipline. We are not supposed to use 30-50 year old strategies. Personally, I am working a lot on developing our own game but we can always learn something new. I love it as it is different from traditional curling."

After defeating Wales, Russia's Viktoriia Moiseeva said: "It wasn't an easy win. The Welsh team didn't find their game today, that's all. We would like to advance from our group first, but it is hard as Austria and the title-defender Hungary are really strong."

She continued: "(Mixed Doubles) It's cozy. You play together with someone and the whole game is up to you two. It would be great if it was included in the Olympic programme."

Canada's Wayne Tuck, spoke after their 10-5 win over Latvia. He said: "You need to have a win very early in this competition. In the first game we had trouble with the ice a little bit...getting our weight and stuff like that. This game was a lot better.

His partner, Kimberley Tuck, added: "Mixed Doubles is beginning to become lot more important. The CCA (Canadian Curling Association) is putting a lot of effort into developing the game in Canada and a lot of the younger curlers coming up through the junior ranks are really taking a liking to it, so I feel like our future's really good."

After their win against New Zealand, China's Wen Li Guo said: “We are feeling great. The ice was really good and we have some fantastic spectators here. I managed to make the shots when it counted today and that was key in securing the victory.”

His partner, Si Jia Liu, commenting on the Championships said: “I think it is very good. It is a very good venue and it is well run.”

After their win against the USA, Norway's Magnus Nedregotten said: “We did what we had worked on in practice and we discussed our tactics before the game. We communicated well.”

On the championships he added: "It’s been good, very good ice and it has worked for us so far. We’re on the up so we hope to continue that tomorrow.”

After their victory over Switzerland, Netherland's Ezra Wiebe said: “It was a tough game for us. Our weight was very long - it was very much behind the tee line. In the ends we gained the most we made it difficult for them to play the freezes, the shots in front of the tee line - that was critical.”

His Mixed Doubles partner, Marianne Neeleman, added: “I think it’s great, 34 countries competing in one tournament that is amazing.”

After their 6-2 win against Estonia, Sweden coach Mikael Andersson said: "It felt very safe during the match. The players feel good, they are confident. Two years ago we got into the final, so I would say that the main target this year is the semi-final. It is a high goal, but reachable."

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