Day 3 Athlete reaction

The Netherlands have found it tough so far Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Marcelo Mello - Brazil (after their first ever win in a World Curling Championship - 8-3 against Kazakhstan): “It’s unbelievable to come here for the first time and to have a victory. Of course, we hoped to have a victory but we know in reality it is very very difficult. But we did it! It’s amazing!”

Mello's Brazilian teammate Aline Lima: “I think we tried to get a better start, that’s why we were really struggling. I think it is really important in this game to have that mind set – ‘let’s get a good start’. Marcelo had a perfect shot to the button right away and we got hammer. It’s the first time that we started with hammer and that was great!”

Tony Angiboust – France (after their 8-1 win against USA): “I think each game is very close because there’s only so much sweeping you can do. It’s difficult if you just miss one shot - it’s really different to normal curling.

Kimberly Tuck – Canada (after their 8-4 win against Slovenia): “The game felt pretty good, we got up to a good start. Slovenia played very well, they came back into the game as is visible on the scoreboard."

"We'd like to make the play-offs and then re-assess our goals and see where we can get after that."

Maile Moelder - Estonia (after their 12-3 win against Brazil): "This game was about getting back our confidence. Our purpose was to get our draws and take-outs to the place where they should be.

"I like mixed doubles because here you rely on yourself. You don't have anybody telling you the correct time, it's you who controls your body and mind."

Bruce Mouat - Scotland (after their 6-5 extra end win against Finland): "It felt really good. It was good to have a close game as it gives us a chance to experience the atmosphere and gives us a boost going into the next games.”

Zsolt Kiss – Hungary (after their 10-8 win against Wales): “I think I might have had to call for something else in the fourth end which wouldn't have led to an easy three for Wales. Anyway, I was sure that we were able to get back into the game. In the past we had more difficult situations to cope with. I was okay with Wales taking the seventh end with one stone as I knew we could take two stones in the last end."

Dorottya Palancsa – Hungary (after their 10-8 win against Wales): “We had two very bad ends in the middle of the game, and above that the Welsh team played very well. However, it didn't cross my mind that we could lose this game."

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