Day 4 Athlete reaction

Czech Republic's Zuzana Hajkova helped her team to their fifth win today Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Alessio Gonin - Italy (after their 10-3 against Belarus): "We played better, not bad but I know we can play better. In the first end Latvia made a mistake for the five ender. We need to do better against Austria though.

"We have not been lucky in this tournament. We started really bad against Korea and Wales. Two days ago we won against Denmark and were really happy.

"I hope their is still a chance to qualify. Last year we played very well, better than this year. Austria and Russia are the favourites but you've got Hungary in there too."

Viktoriia Moiseeva – Russia (after their 5-4 win against Hungary): “We didn't play well - both teams made a lot of mistakes. The ice was difficult to play on and we were a bit lucky sometimes."

"There's no secrets to our success, we are just trying our best. Now our goal is to win all the games left in the round-robin to be first in the group and to qualify for the quarter-finals."

Zsolt Kiss - Hungary (after their 5-4 loss against Russia): "The ice was terrible. Obviously, the Russian team played on the same ice, but it was really difficult."

Dorottya Palancsa - Hungary (after their 5-4 loss against Russia): "We didn't play well, personally I had a lot of slow stones. But there is no reason to be down. We have two more matches to win in the round-robin."

Kenny Thomson - New Zealand (after 8-2 win against Spain): "The ice had a beautiful swing on it today so it was all about finishing. We got caught out a bit in both games yesterday which was costly, so that ice helped a lot.

"This is our first Mixed Doubles Championship and I'll be honest in saying that it's a lot tougher than we expected. It's a seriously good standard. Even the guys you don't think are not going to play that great, come up with some fantastic shots. It's tough, it's fun, but you need to remain focused all of the time."

Magnus Nedregotten - Norway (after 6-2 win against China): "It was an important win. That was the first real hard task we've had this week - China are a strong team. We managed to play our game, we had a little bit of a bad start and didn't really manage to get the point we were supposed to get - we didn't really take our chances.

"It's good to have Ole (Ingvaldsen, coach) with us this year. At half-time we were a bit angry and grumpy with each other and he came down and got us motivated again."

Per Noreen - Sweden (after 9-2 win against Latvia): "Today was perfect for us. Our play today was a little higher than it was yesterday when I felt a little nervous.

Camilla Johansson - Sweden (after 9-2 win against Latvia): "We played well today. We had a little more to give in the game but we're heading in the right direction."

Zuzana Hájková - Czech Republic (after their 9-2 win against Poland): "We got better throughout the game - maybe it is something that we are still not used to. I think that the first five ends were just fine, but in the sixth end we started playing a defensive game and it didn't work out. Normally, we are really good in the defensive game, and we were quite surprised that it didn't go well."

“I think last year we knew nothing about the World Mixed Doubles. We came here hoping that this year everything will be the same, but the ice is different, the opponents are different, the game is a bit different. The fact that last year we came third means nothing this year - it's a new tournament."

Tomáš Paul - Czech Republic (after their 9-2 win against Poland): "We have to play our game as last year. We have to be happy that we win and we will see what will happen. However, we have a bit of pressure in our head. We want to get into the quarter-finals, and we will see. If we get into the semi-finals, we are happy."

Ian Palangio - Australia (after their 7-5 win against Romania): "They played really well. We had control early in the ends and they were playing quite conservatively but making lots of hits and runbacks and doubles to keep the ends a bit simpler. We were playing well, we were making a lot of our shots and keeping them under a bit of pressure. But whenever we made a mistake, they came back. I was expecting an extra end for sure but they were a little bit unlucky with their last shot as the freeze was a little bit wrong."

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