Day 5 Athlete reaction

Sweden maintained their good form today Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Jure Culic - Slovenia (after their 8-6 win against Finland): "It feels great, it feels wonderful. I think we still can't believe that we won. We were totally relaxed because we had nothing to lose, while Finland were under pressure as they had to win to keep their chances alive for the play-offs. I think the key to our victory was that we found our draw weight. It really helped a lot."

"We have two more matches, one against Sweden, the other one against Brazil. We hope to surprise Sweden a bit, have a good game - the result doesn't really matter. We hope for a tight match against Brazil as well."

Wayne Tuck - Canada (after their 7-5 win against Kazakhstan): "After our shot, which was out of turn, I missed my next shot and we just snowballed from there. That resulted in four points for Brazil in the sixth end."

"We have two more matches to go in the round-robin, against Brazil and Finland. Finland losing to Slovenia helped us a lot. I believe that if we beat Brazil we can finish second in the group, even if we lose our last match against Finland. The next game is important."

Per Noreen – Sweden (after their 5-4 win against Scotland): “We weren’t really on our game straight away in the first end but after that I think it’s the best game that we’ve played. We played all the important stones, it was this match that we really wanted to win to be in a good position for the play-offs. It’s definitely the best game that we have played so far.”

Per Noreen and Camilla Johansson – Sweden (On their games overall - currently unbeaten): “The thing that’s been most difficult is the is the swing of the ice, which makes it difficult to play the freezes and so on. But I think what has given us the advantage in the last two games is that we dealt with the conditions better than our opponents.”

Magnus Nedregotten - Norway (after their 9-4 win against France): “I had a great game,I think it was the best game I had in Mixed Doubles ever. We had a great start, we stole four ends in a row. After the break we were a bit down, got a three, but we managed to bring back our good game. It was nothing special, we played as we try to play all the time."

"We would like to leave Dumfries with a medal. That's our goal, but what would be better than winning it? We'll see."

Viktoriia Moiseeva – Russia (after their 9-5 win against Italy): “It was a really though game for us. We started well, then they scored three in the fourth end, and we got nervous. Then we came back to our normal game."

Zsolt Kiss - Hungary (after their 9-5 win against Austria): "It didn't start that smoothly as they stole the first two ends. But then we had two good ends so we came back. They could have come back too in the fifth end, but I think that Claudia (Fischer, Austria) was a bit nervous and it was reflected in her game."

Dorottya Palancsa - Hungary (after their 9-5 win against Austria): "In the first two ends we had to get comfortable in the game. I had some struggles with the release, but then I found it along with the proper speed, and it was fine then."

Anghara Ward - England (after winning 11-7 against Denmark): "This is our first time here so we really didn't know what to expect. It's great, really nice, and everyone's been really friendly. It's different from normal curling so it takes a little while to get your head around it. Having only five stones and sweeping it yourself makes it a lot harder. You've got to get right on the sweeping calls straight away."

Tomas Paul - Czech Republic (after : "The first half was fine, we played better than them. They made a lot of mistakes with their last shots, like open take-outs. In the second half I think we got a little bit nervous and missed a few last shots so we let them get back into the match. But finally we managed to get the win.

"We have qualified right now. The match against Switzerland is really important because whoever wins goes directly through into the quarter-finals. We wanted to win this match because it's always bad to lose before an important match."

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