Day 6 Athlete reaction

Sealed with a Kiss, Hungary's Zsolt Kiss congratulates team mate Dorottya Palancsa Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Zsolt Kiss – Hungary (after 7-5 win against Scotland): “It feels really good to reach the quarter-finals because we beat a really good team. I think both teams were playing really good today - we know the Scottish team really well and they had the home environment (in their favour). I think we missed a few shots today and I know we can play better against the Norwegian team.”

Sergio Vez – Spain (after their 7-6 win against Australia): “We were in control of the game for the first half, then we made a bad team decision. We were lying one and decided to peal one of their stones and ended up giving up three (points). Then our confidence went down and they started getting their weight, so we struggled for a couple of ends. If it had been a ten end game we may have lost, but that’s Mixed Doubles and we made it.

“We played quarter-finals in 2010 in Russia and came fourth. Never the less I think it’s a much higher standard of competition than four years ago so that’s a good result for us. All the countries are taking it much more seriously now knowing that in 2018 it may be an Olympic discipline. All the teams are much better than four years ago.”

Claudia Fischer – Austria (after their 7-4 win against Denmark): “We feel good – that was our goal. We knew it would be tough this year with Russia and Hungary in the group. All the other teams played really well and it took us a few games to get into the championship and get a feel for the ice because we haven’t been able to train together, but we still made it.

“I think the standard has never been as strong as this year. Every game is tough to play – there was never an easy opponent. I think anyone can be beaten by anyone on a good day.”

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